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Cover Illustration, The American Biology Teacher

For a life sciences illustration class project, I designed several covers for The American Biology Teacher. One of my illustrations was chosen by the magazine for the March 1982 cover.

Here is the text from the inside cover:

Pen-and-ink drawing on scratchboard of a beetle in the family Lucanidae (Stag Beetles), drawn from life. The Stag Beetles are so called because the mandibles of the male, which may be half as long as the body and are branched, resemble the antlers of a stag. The specimen is probably a female. (Sex is not easy to determine because there are males with small mandibles who, mimicking females, take the opportunity to mate while their large-mandibled rivals are fighting over the female.) The specimen was collected in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia in November 1973. It is 27 mm long and light reddish-brown with darker accents; the fine hairs around the head and thorax are golden-yellow. The drawing was made as a final project in a class in Life Sciences Illustration.