Olympic Natural History presents photos and notes about some of the species that live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

Living here, we enjoy opportunities to walk with camera and binoculars and to observe the animals and plants around us. We continue to add new material to the site.

The selection of animals on the site tends toward those that may be less noticed, photographed and written about elsewhere, thus the site has more details about insects and other small animals than it has obout birds and mammals.

Note: The coasts of the Peninsula are one of the richest areas in the world for marine species. We have not included marine organisms in this site. Photos of these beautiful organisms are widely available elsewhere.

Most of the photographs are by Stephen Hart, some by Karen Hart and Robbie Hart. We’ve done our best to present accurate information, but identifying organisms from photographs can sometimes be difficult.

If you have comments, questions or corrections, or would like to use any of these images (not-for-profit only), please contact us email ONH.